What Are ceramides and How They Can Help Your Skin?

Jan 20, 2024 By Madison Evans

Before getting into the details, let us know about Ceramides and how they act as a protective defense against pollution and chemicals that we face in our everyday lives.

How do Ceramides help your skin?

Ceramides are really important to ensure healthy skin and protect it from Toxins, Pollution in the environment. They are the fats that make your skin supple and glowing. A decrease in Ceramides can cause saggy skin and dull face, mostly observed in old people as their ceramides levels have gone low during the years.

Types of Ceramides:

  • Natural Ceramides
  • Synthetic Ceramides

Natural Ceramides:

This type of ceramides is found naturally in your skin.

Synthetic Ceramides:

This type of ceramides is man-made and is synthesized in laboratories.

If you’re using synthetic Ceramides that are mostly found in skincare creams, then you should also pay heed to the type of ceramide used in the cream. There are almost 12 different types of ceramides depending upon their molecular structure.

  1. Ceramide EOS (1)
  2. Ceramide NS (2)
  3. Ceramide NP (3)
  4. Ceramide AP (6)
  5. Ceramide EOP (9)
  6. Phytosphingosine
  7. Sphingosine

Benefits of Ceramides:

Ceramides are beneficial for your skin in many ways as they are responsible for protecting your skin against harmful substances found in the environment.

  • Ceramides promote healthy & supple-looking skin
  • Ceramides when used in the form of creams have anti-aging properties.
  • Ceramides always keep your skin moisturized
  • Ceramides protect your skin from harmful bacteria found in the environment

Foods containing ceramides:

Ceramides are also found naturally in many foods such as:

  • Eggs
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Dairy

How Skincare Companies use Ceramides:

Skincare Companies use Ceramides 1,3 and 6 -11 in their products as they are found to be the most efficient and have strong anti-aging properties. Using different types of skincare products can further enhance your skin, making your skin more healthy-looking and glowing.

Ceramide creams can be used regularly; they act as a moisturizer that is responsible for filling the gaps between skin cells.

Packaging of Ceramide Skincare products:

While using skincare products, keep in mind that these products, especially ceramides become deteriorated in quality once they are exposed to sunlight.

You should always keep it in airtight containers to protect the ingredients from losing their effectiveness.

What is more effective, Ceramide Food Supplement or skin Products?

It depends on your specific condition; many people find Ceramide supplements helpful in repairing their skin. while some people with certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema find Ceramide creams more helpful to them as they moisturize the skin and provide a protective barrier against germs.


In this article, we discussed ceramides and their types. Ceramides are the first line of defense against germs & toxins for your skin.

Ceramides are found in your skin and they are also used by skincare companies in their products, they are found to be very effective in treating different skin conditions and protecting against anti-aging.

They protect your skin from bacteria and germs found in the environment and keep your skin healthy and glowing all the time. Ceramides moisturize your skin and prevent dryness.

People who follow a regular healthy routine and apply ceramides-induced creams enjoy glowing and shiny skin. It is important to follow a good diet with the skincare routine if you want to fully yield the benefits of synthetic ceramides.

It is recommended to talk to your GP or a skin specialist for guidance before starting a skincare routine. Everyone has different skin and we do not know how a cream will react on you. So, it is extremely important to discuss allergies, and ingredients of specific ceramide creams with a specialist so he can prescribe something according to your specific skin type.

Taking food supplements without a doctor’s consultation is also not a healthy practice and should be avoided.

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