Stationary Bike Workouts for a Spin Routine You Can Do Anywhere

Nov 08, 2023 By Nancy Miller

If you're a big fan of spinning classes, you already know that it's a great method to burn calories that aren't too hard on joints. It's also a great method to train for cross-training in other sports. But, committing to spin classes may be an expensive, challenging, competitive, and stressful experience. Including a spin bike in your gym at home can be an excellent way to increase variety, improve overall fitness, heal from injuries, and build low-impact strength.

Luckily, for those who have a home gym, stationary bikes have advanced in the last few times. Instead of the heavy, bulky and ugly pieces of fitness equipment of the 90s gym culture, modern stationary bikes have been developed specifically for home use.

Bike Workout: All Levels Welcome

This bike exercise for beginners is predominantly aerobic (aka moderate, steady); however, it also incorporates short, challenging intervals that improve fitness and reduce calories, according to Ligler, who created the exercise.

Begin with a simple warm-up before moving into three to five rounds of six-minute workouts that become gradually more challenging. You'll measure how hard you work out and rest times based on your perceived effort (RPE) on a scale from 1 (very simple) up to 10 (maximum effort), which means you'll work at a rate that is appropriate for your level of fitness. This is why you won't find the number of revolutions per minute or RPMs listed here. Instead, pay attention to your body and become familiar with the bike.

Bike Workout: Cardio and Strength

The 45-minute workout provides three essential elements that every outdoor and indoor cyclist requires to be at their best heart training, muscle strength for the leg, and a fast pedal stroke, according to Emily Booth, national education manager for indoor cycling at LifeTime.

The exercise begins with a 10-minute warm-up. And then, you'll progress to the main event, in which you'll work on mastering each skill over three minutes of exercise sets. In the main exercise, repeat the exercise 2 to 4 times. In the end, you'll be finished with a five-minute cool-down. Due to the length of your working sets, this training is suitable for advanced and intermediate cyclists, according to Booth.

Bike Workout: Intro to Hill and Speed Intervals

This 40-minute workout is perfect for beginner-to-intermediate riders. Your heart rate will be pushed across various zones while performing three intervals with various work-to-rest ratios. The result is increased fitness levels and tons of burned calories while taking care of joints. Instead of focusing on precise time or RPM, try to maximize your effort in your work time intervals.

Bike Workout: Cycle Fartlek

Fartlek training can be a rewarding way to mix HIIT and steady-state cardio. While many associate Fartlek exercising with running, it is possible to apply the idea to "speed play" to nearly every activity, including this stationary bike exercise.

The appeal of Fartlek workouts is that they're usually unstructured, meaning you go at the maximum effort for the length of time you can and then rest until you're ready again. The exercise is entirely at your fingertips (er, your feet). This is what creates Fartlek exercises great for people of any fitness level since the intensity and duration of work-rest intervals depend on your ability. However, regardless of your fitness or fitness level, Fartlek training can help you increase your endurance and improve your power.

Bike Workout: Power Intervals

High-intensity inter-training (HIIT) exercises like this are a slam dunk in a brief amount of time, according to Lauren "Lolo" Wilson, a senior trainer at CYCLEBAR who developed the exercise. The 45-minute program can boost aerobic capacity (your body's capacity to utilize oxygen when exercising) and build muscle and assist in burning fat.

HIIT-based workouts such as these are best suited to someone who's been consistently exercising every day for a minimum of six weeks. If you're not familiar with HIIT or unsure if you're up for the full-on exercise, begin with ten power intervals. Then include two intervals in each session until you've reached twenty total intervals.

Wilson suggests dialing down your intensity for the initial intervals to ensure you don't run out of gas in the later rounds. Repeat the first time for four rounds, then the second interval for 20 total rounds. Therefore, you should be pacing yourself.

Bike Workout: Advanced Conditioning

This 60-minute workout is designed for those who have experience and are comfortable performing at a near-maximum level. After a light warm-up that involves a set of mobility exercises, you'll begin by executing short, high-intensity bursts. You'll repeat the 20-second and 40-second rest intervals for the main workout for seven total sets before you reach your three-minute recovery. Each small rest interval helps to recover between sprints and will ultimately help build your aerobic fitness. Once you've recovered, you'll begin an hour-long moderate-intensity workout to increase your endurance. Consider this time as a moment of meditation and concentrate on your breathing. You've much to gain by doing this workout.


Here are some most effective workouts for your daily spin class routine. We hope these workouts can assist you in achieving your fitness goals. They're the most effective exercise that you can do as suggested with the help of some of the most renowned trainers around the world.

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